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    Bulk Beef - Quarter Of A Cow (Frozen)

    This product may require additional preparation time and take between 2 and 10 working days to be supplied.

    The most economical way to feed your family with our delicious beef cuts.

     Split it between two or three families as a great way to save but still treat yourself to all the best cuts.

     The pack includes all cuts off a whole beef forequarter, including the following:

    Scotch Fillet Steaks          3.3kg - 3.5kg

    Chuck Roast                     2.4kg - 2.6kg

    Diced Beef                        2.5kg

    Bolar Roast                      2.5kg - 2.7kg

    Oyster Blade Steaks        1.2 - 1.3kg

    Beef Stir Fry                     1.2kg

    Beef Brisket                     2.7kg - 2.9kg

    Osso Bucco                     3.3kg - 3.5kg

    Spare Ribs                       2.4 - 2.5kg

    Beef Mince                      8.0kg


    *All cuts will be packaged in circa 1kg bags, unless they are whole roasts.

    **All product to be labelled to allow for easy storage.

    *** If you prefer either scotch fillet or oyster blade left whole, please specify this in your order notes.